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Tips for Working From Home Efficiently and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Calendars become a very important part of the work-from-home life. At Amzur, we receive updates and notifications to update our calendar with work and home events as well as times for breaks and lunches. 

Tips for Getting the Job Done While Watching a Toddler … or Two or Three

Accept your limitations! You won’t be as productive as you’d be by yourself, but you can still get some work done.

Plan your schedule ahead of time. If you have mindless tasks to do, save them for the days when you’re the sole caretaker. If you have tasks that require a lot of focus, save them for nap time, screen time, or when a partner or caregiver can take over.

Take frequent short breaks for your kids. Try to explain, “I need to do work for a while, but then we will read a book/play this game/etc.”

Accept that sometimes your kids will be mad because you can’t give them attention. Don’t get mad back, just take it in stride—you work to support them, and they don’t understand, so you will need to bear some screams and tears from time to time.

“Lego Duplo bricks encourage self-play. My child finds them to be a great toy for when I’m working from home. Any mom or dad could also have small interactions, like helping put a particularly tricky pair of bricks together, and then go back to work, giving your child some micro-interactions to help with their self-play.”

Bengi Lynch
Bengi Lynch
Director of Digital Marketing

“I am a content writer at Amzur, so I sometimes read a book with my child when I take a work break. It’s good because it has a definite end, so it’s easier to say that I need to go back to work now and you can go back to playing.”

Ramakrishna Akula
Ramakrishna Akula
Content Writer

Tips to Consider Before Switching to 100% Remote Work

Over the years, many teams have come to accept 100% remote work. With the quarantines due to COVID-19, workers in a variety of industries experienced an overnight change to working from home. Since many could not do smaller trial runs of their fully remote capabilities, evaluating accessibility could be the primary step for many. When a person is working remotely, you need to remove barriers to information access and allow people to operate more independently. 

“We have always recorded operating procedures with best practices for remote work. In 2020, we shared these with other departments to speed up processes and workflows at Amzur.”

Sunil Kodi
Sunil Kodi
Software Development Manager

“In marketing, we worked with my team to streamline communication flow. We started virtual stand-up meetings to keep everyone on track and up to date with all the company updates. In a way, we were able to use video conferencing tools to maintain consistency while moving from face-to-face interactions to virtual ones.”

Rakesh Mantrala
Rakesh Mantrala
Digital Marketing Manager

Tips for Managing
Stand-Ups Virtually

We all love talking about technology and trying to find solutions. As a result, some virtual stand-ups go on for more than the intended 15 minutes—some go on for over an hour as team members talk about their notes and problems.

“We suggest the use of video chat for performance reviews, instead of chats, in the event that you and your remote employee can’t meet in person. These type of conversations could be emotional and require a more personal connection.”

Kasturi Rao
Kasturi Rao
Human Resource Manager

Tips for Managing the Quarantine Blues

Sometimes, every request seems like a priority, and work becomes overwhelming. At these times, we just need to step back and re-evaluate. Can this task/project wait? For how long? And will waiting make the task significantly more difficult to complete? Answering these questions can help everyone feel good about walking away from a task and coming back to it later in order to maintain a better work-life balance and manage the quarantine blues while working from home.

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