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Joy of Life

Perspective From Dr. Purnachander R. Bikkasani,
Author of Joy of Life and Founder of Awareness USA

Most people suffer and struggle at some point in life, whether financially, emotionally, or psychologically. The ideas explored in the Joy of Life not only posit that one can achieve happiness in today’s world but also provide the “tools of happiness,” a set of habits that help fuel this success. These tools supply a step-by-step method to build a more joyous life, learn to adapt to adversity, and overcome life’s daily challenges.

Awareness USA provides motivational programs under the name Joy of Life as well. These programs teach how to use critical thinking skills to help identify systemic problems, understand the connections within the bigger picture, and effect the creation of safe and secure communities. The program emphasizes the importance of choosing alternatives to violence and drug or alcohol abuse. Students enrolled in our tutoring/mentoring programs have access to online motivational seminars and workshops where they can connect with other students.

Available program topics include:

  • Stress management
  • Building a better life using the tools of happiness
  • Discovering your purpose in life
  • Handling conflicts amicably
  • Goal setting
  • Practicing self-affirmations
  • Viewing problems as opportunities
  • Charity as a moral obligation
  • Living freely and fearlessly

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    Disclaimer: Joy of Life programs are based on the book Joy of Life, authored by Purna Bikkasani, MD. Amzur does not offer these classes on behalf of Awareness USA.