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Creating an Unparalleled
Value Proposition With Technology

Amzur Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are a five-time Inc. 5000 award winner; ranked as one of the best IT services firms, based on independent surveys conducted by Dun & Bradstreet; and named among GrowFL’s Florida Companies to Watch.

Reasons to Join Amzur?

Helping Companies Grow

We specialize in delivering tech talent to clients who have challenges upskilling fast in challenging market conditions.

Scaling Businesses

Are you looking to help scale the companies you work with? Our subject matter experts enjoy challenging positions where they reframe, refocus, and rebuild.

Building Products

From proof of concept to testing, we provide end-to-end services that deliver applications using the most in-demand technologies.

Amzur’s Archetypes

Our consultants and subject matter experts deliver customer-focused, value-driven solutions. From requirements definition to fully managed services, we provide a continuum of solutions to support all your digital needs.

Sunil Kumar Kodi | Ex Software Delivery Manager

Our agile, 360° approach to service delivery allows us to achieve end-to-end process visibility along with smooth project integration.

Be An Amzurian

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Digital disruption is continuously changing the way companies interact with their customers, and the pace of technological innovation is rapidly surpassing the ability of individual businesses to keep up. Recognizing that innovation is no longer a luxury is the cornerstone of every great business.

Virtually all products and services will be AI-driven, AI-enabled, or assisted by AI in some way. The implementation of AI is highly varied, depending on specific industries. Many new goals will be achievable via chatbots, spam filters, cloud APIs, natural language processing, face recognition robotics, and more. For example, you could install chatbots into retail screens and point-of-sale (POS) systems, insert built-in intelligence into popular business applications, and integrate with environment-aware smart detectors. AI will become a normal thing in everyday life and will continue to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. At Amzur, we aspire to understand customer behaviors and brand interactions with comprehensive AI solutions, including learning, reasoning, planning, perception, language understanding, and robotics.  

Cloud is top of mind for companies of all sizes in every industry, but there are many layers of abstraction and options to choose from, including cloud as infrastructure, cloud software as a service (SaaS) platforms, and hybrid/multi-cloud Orchestration. Non-technology industries using legacy technologies still contemplate which cloud platform to choose to create new and innovative products and to provide an amazing customer experience. Cloud platforms can give your organization immediate access to agility, innovation, scalability, performance, and reliability that are difficult to achieve with applications and platforms in an on-premises data center. Our clients launch products and services faster, generate new streams of revenue, reduce administration and overhead, and easily scale to meet changing demand while optimizing resources, managing costs, and providing the best possible customer experience.

DevOps was created by software engineers for software engineers as a flexible practice rather than a rigid framework. Amzur’s DevOps engineers work within a software development group; using programming languages like Java, they create cloud systems and other web-based applications. Their goal to develop software that can be updated automatically with minimal user hassle. They build automated systems that test products and discover bugs quickly. Creating a product that is built of smaller units, or modules, makes this automation easier. Some of the job responsibilities of a DevOps engineer include:

  • Considering the ability of the software to grow as users save data to it.
  • Placing all code changes into a single system that can be changed and tested.
  • Tracking user feedback and responses to new versions of a product.
  • Designing an automated intuitive setup environment for new users.

Technology projects
we work on


We use best practices to deliver applications faster and more safely than ever.

Cloud migration

We help uplift on-premises infrastructure to ensure our clients get a scalable and reliable service.

Continuous integration

We ensure that everything built by the developers can be tested and deployed to production, but only when our clients are ready.


We create and manage flexible and dynamic infrastructures.

Mobile Development

We protect and optimize the end-user experience in every project.


Our UI/UX team researches,  and has whiteboard sessions to understand what we can do for our clients.

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