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Amzur Creates

Amzur employs many creative and dedicated professionals, from IT to operations. We take every opportunity to listen to ideas and input on new and existing features. Our open, transparent culture allows for creativity, promotes feedback, and encourages innovation, but it doesn’t end there. There is a lot of creativity in software development. Get to know the creative side of the Amzurians! Here is a look at the creative works made by Amzur engineers, analysts, and developers.

Software engineering can be exciting and innovative when engineers/developers are allowed to be creative and flexible to solve a problem. That may not be the case for everyone every time, but when engineers and developers are allowed to be creative, they’re often more engaged in the work and the end result is usually cleaner and more elegant.

With honed tenacity and perseverance, some of our Amzurians are going back to their childhood passions and continuing to do what they do best: making art in their free time and then innovating at work. “I’m able to not think about the worries of work, and I get to focus and hone my skills,” says Satya Tenneti (Software Development Manager), who has always been a painter but is now painting after work to unplug from the worries of coronavirus. Roshini Sreeramoju, one of our QA leads in SDG, is known for her paintings. She also creates beautiful glass bottle and vase designs on her time off from work.

We hope that these inspire a boundless future of work

Buddhism is a philosophy of life. Not a religion.
Dance with the music of your soul
Pastel on canvas arthanareeswara
Arcylic on canvas Hanuma strength power

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