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Amzur Culture

About Amzur


Amzur Technologies strives to create a positive work culture, which is why the IT experts who work here call their company “a home away from home.” Amzur’s team of subject-matter and industry experts have been immersed in every side of the technology and digital life cycle for more than 15 years. We have helped countless organizations, from small startups to large enterprises, build dynamic and cohesive teams.

At Amzur, our strength comes from our diverse talent pool, which contains professionals who know or want to know how to leverage technology and information so that they can drive development efforts to increase representation in leadership across the company and our communities.


Amzur Is InnovationCreativityGrowthResilience

Amzur has created a work culture and environment that is uniquely entrepreneurial, innovative, adaptable, and flexible. By reducing the layers of management and encouraging creative freedom, we attract many young professionals and push for growth from within, allowing each of us to assume different roles and responsibilities.

Amzur integrates diversity and inclusion as the cornerstone of its organizational culture. As a multinational technology company, our local human resources teams strive to optimize cultural diversity. We know that an inclusive and diverse workforce drives innovation and makes Amzur stronger, more innovative, and more nimble.

By crafting a meaningful vision for our company—and linking it to our strategy and implementation—Amzur can focus on building entrepreneurial strength and providing continuous development through necessary tools, education, and resources. We are known to be human-centered and long-term focused. In short, we focus on our team, and a holistic approach to talent strategy strengthens our IT professionals.

We call people “associates” rather than “employees.” This is because we encourage them to be ready when a client-facing opportunity comes knocking so they can showcase their knowledge, skills, and curiosity about technology.

At Amzur, we constantly challenge our associates for ideas and solutions. We promote learning, growth, and innovation. Our solutions-oriented leaders maintain an extensive knowledge base that associates can use and learn from. The project life cycle ends with lessons-learned discussions so we can use our successes and failures to grow.

By fostering an open and positive working environment, Amzur strives to bring out the best in the individual. We take great pride in our teams, our culture, and our sense of openness and passion for growth, which welcomes new ideas and pushes us to constantly change and excel. Our primary goal is find a balance between the times when work needs to get done and the times when we have fun and enjoy our community.

Overview of Amzur Culture

Our associates are welcome to put their personal talents on display, whether it’s holding dance shows at corporate events or publishing their photography and artwork via company social media channels.

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Who are the amzurians?

A few words about Amzurians

The Amzurians came forth as a team of diverse engineers, developers, and creative souls dedicated to community and technology. At our core, we are on the forefront of supporting a positive culture by setting up fun lunches, events, and other programs. Our team leaders drive education and support their members by holding regular town-hall meetings and other get togethers.

From engaging in community events to exercising together, the Amzurians are known for their passion, loyalty, humility, and teamwork. When you talk to an Amzurian, you will get a sense that no one leaves until the work gets done, but Amzurians also prioritize their well-being and mental health as a part of their career path. As a result, everyone at Amzur looks out for each other.


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