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Meet Our Team Member

Anjani Surya Gadde

Business Analyst | Visakhapatnam

“Asking the right questions and getting the right answers is the key to business analysis.”

- Anjani Surya Gadde

What do I do at Amzur?

A few words about me
I analyze business domains and document their business processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. I help analyze the business, find opportunities and risks, document the processes/systems, and assess the business model in use.
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A day at Amzur

I have been with Amzur for over three years, and my days are always atypical. We communicate as a team and plan our work accordingly. Traditionally, I act as the link between the business units and IT, help discover the needs of the product users/stakeholders (and the solution to address them), and specify requirements. But in Scrum, there is no business analyst role, so I strive to learn new skills and broaden my expertise to better serve my team. 

I am a communicator who is very reliable and able to manage multiple projects effectively. My BRD and use case writing skills are also very detail oriented and high quality. I know the products very well and keep everything running smoothly for the rest of the team.

Why Amzur?

I appreciate a company like Amzur because the employees come first. Leadership strives for our well-being, excellence, and career growth. 

My advice to other IT professionals

At some companies, business analysts tend to be agile, but backlash can come from the development team because sometimes, when they write long requirements in Jira/RedMine as a faux user story, they do it without a real connection or exposure to the stakeholders, users, and subject matter experts. When questions come up, it is our job to go back to those experts to get answers, which could lead to time wasted, especially when English is a second language. They may not have the context to get the details correct on the first pass.

Responsibility for “grooming” the backlog often falls on the BAs, and they do this by themselves, without the team. There is no end-to-end ownership; the business analysts have no real skin in the game for team success. The development team could have a significant information loss, and this gives the development team an excuse for not delivering. You may have heard this infamous line: “We are waiting for the BA to write the user story.”

At Amzur, we do things differently and definitely not like this. We work with developers day in and day out to eliminate experiences such as these. 

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