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Meet Our Team Member

Sai Charan

Saicharan Manipatruni

Former Talent Acquisition Specialist | Visakhapatnam

“There are plenty of resources available both online and offline on how to prepare a good CV/resume. If you are an entry-level professional in the IT field, I’d strongly encourage you to spend time researching the different formats and approaches before you send out your CV. These types vary depending on your experience, the cultural practices in different countries (e.g., birth date or no birth date, photo or no photo), and even your field. In all cases, I’d recommend you have your CV reviewed by a professional or at least a friend with more career experience. Do not be afraid to have a bad resume, but learn from the critique you get”

– Saicharan Manipatruni.

What do I does at Amzur?

A few words about me
I am a talent acquisition expert. I work with stakeholders to ensure that we get the right person for the right position. I use proven strategies to find specialists, leaders, and future executives for Amzur.
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A day at Amzur

I support and establish recruiting programs and processes for India’s startups in product development environments. Some of my day to-day tasks are as follows:

  • Provide strategic hiring recommendations and influence partners as a trusted talent advisor.
  • Work with the business to identify future talent needs and delicately plan and develop a strategy to source such talents.

  • Conceptualize and implement recruitment strategies including job posting optimization recruiting marketing channel development job board procurement digital and non-digital employment marketing comprehensive recruitment campaign planning and talent planning.
  • Schedule and interview candidates.
  • Talk job offers do background checks etc.

The reason I joined Amzur

I have been with Amzur for close to four years now. When I joined the organization, I liked the company’s forecast and vision. Amzur supports work-life balance. It’s an employees-centric company. I found many opportunities here. There is a trusted management team, and my colleagues are friendly. I was able to build the Amzurian team from 60 to 200 people in the past two years, a great accomplishment that I can be proud of. 


My advice to other IT professionals

Be innovative, target oriented, and approachable.

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